British media: Putin is dead or dying

British tabloids Daily Star, Express, The Sun and Mirror wrote, citing British intelligence sources, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is already dead or dying

British media: Putin is dead or dying
Vladimir Putin


According to publications, the Kremlin uses presidential alternates to speak in public. One of them allegedly appeared at Putin's May 9 parade. As for the TV appearances, according to the British press, they have been previously recorded, or so-called canned.

According to British newspapers, his relatives fear that if the information about Putin's situation becomes known, a coup may follow or the generals will take Russian units out of Ukraine, Mirror writes.

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Former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove gave an interview last week to the German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau, saying that Putin would soon step down as Russian president. It has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine, but with the health of the 69-year-old dictator. According to Dearlove, Putin could then be sent to a sanatorium. He will no longer return from there as President of the Russian Federation and will lose power, says Dearlove, who led British intelligence from 1999-2004. "I don't think he'll be alive in 2023," said the former head of Mi-6.

Dearlove tegi ka oletuse, kes diktaatorit asendama hakkab, kui ta sureb. Venemaa Föderatsiooni uueks presidendiks võib saada julgeolekunõukogu sekretär Nikolai Patrušev. "Kui mu tees kinnitust leiab ja Putin lahkub, saab Patruševist tõenäoliselt tema asendaja. Ja loomulikult on selle stsenaariumi korral asendamine suure tõenäosusega püsiv lahendus," rääkis Briti luure endine juht.

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